I live in one of those places where veg-friendly restaurants are few and far between.  Yet there are some little jewels hidden in this city.  I would like to introduce you to one of those jewels.
This post was inspired by an amazing lunch at a favourite downtown restaurant, the Green Spot Café, with a friend today.  I really wish I had taken some pics of my food (it must have just been too yummy to wait).  This isn’t specifically a vegan restaurant, however everything is vegetarian, making it far easier to search out the vegan foods.  If you ask the people working there what’s vegan, or what has eggs or dairy, they will actually tell you, instead of looking you with blank eyes and recommending something with cheese in it.  The owners are wonderful, friendly people.  We spent the entire visit chatting with the owners’ daughter.  The owners also sell the most beautiful vegetarian sushi I’ve ever seen at our local farmer’s market.  They roast their own coffee as well.  I had a cup of coffee today that I had to drink black because it was soooo delicious (and that’s saying something, because I always sweeten my coffee).  On top of all this, soy milk doesn’t cost any extra to add to a latte!  Joy!  I should also note, there’s tons of gluten-free options too.

Oh, the good vibes!