So, the vegan bloggers were having all the fun, and therefore, I have decided to play too.  Well, OK, I had begun gathering info to start a vegan food blog about a month ago, and dallied before starting it because I wasn’t sure what image to put in the header.  Anyway, I need to get down some of this foodie goodness before my brain explodes, so I’ll set aside my attention to layout details for a minute, and talk about vegan ice “cream” .


My house lacks in an ice cream maker, which until recently, I had thought meant that I was limited to store-bought soy ice cream.  This rather disappointed me, as I enjoy finding the most complicated way to do something simple, such as having a cold snack.  Then, I chanced upon this recipe in the Vegetarian Times for peanut butter and coconut ice cream made using a blender instead of an ice cream maker (the link for this recipe shall follow once it’s up on the Vegetarian Times website).  You freeze this concoction in an ice cube tray, blend up the frozen ice cubes, and then re-freeze it once more.

Now, I used almond butter, because that’s what I had on hand.  That, and I adore almonds.  In fact, I would recommend almond ice “cream” over peanut butter ice “cream” any day.  The use of coconut milk was ingenious.  It made the whole thing so rich and coconutty delicious (hey Kiekaisu, I guess I’ve tried the whole coconut-almond combination before, but but you still have to make me a coconut-almond soy latte!).  I also substituted soy milk for the soy creamer they called for, and my recipe still turned out, and tasted great.  I’ve never even seen soy creamer in my small city before, but it’s not like I’ve been looking for it.  It sound scary and over-processed.

This method of ice “cream” making seemed to work pretty well.  I think I was a little impatient with the first freezing, and should have let the ice “cream” cubes freeze a little longer in order to incorporate a little more air into the whole mixture.  When I wanted to eat it, I had to thaw it for a few minutes first, and then it scooped just fine, however I think this was due to the aforementioned mistake.  Even so, it was still incredibly delicious, and I was inspired to dress it up all pretty with some melted dark chocolate and a fresh cherry (gosh, maraschino cherries are disturbing!).

From this, I’m hoping to develop a vegan green tea ice “cream” recipe, probably using matcha powder, and sticking with the coconut milk, as it sounds like a nice compliment to green tea.  I’ll let you know if I succeed before the summer’s over.

I suppose I should close by apologising for the abnoxious use of quotation marks, but those of you who know me away from the internet understand why I did that…