I apologize for my lack of recipes; it’s the end of the semester, and the degree I’m taking doesn’t have final exams, rather a series of projects and “mid-terms” all happening at the end of the semester.  It’ll be another week or so until I can get some of the recipe back-log up here.  School will do that to blogging.

So, here’s something absurdly awesome, simple, and healthy to amuse you until then.  I can’t take credit for this- it was a co-worker’s suggestion, and I believe she got it from someone else, though I’m not positive.  Anywhoo, I can’t believe I haven’t tried this before.  Take a banana.  Peel, chop it up a bit, and throw the pieces in your freezer.  Once frozen (or pretty much frozen, if you’re impatient), blend it up until it’s smooth and creamy like soft serve.  Voila, banana ice “cream” with no dairy, no added sugar, no preservatives, no penicillin-like taste, and a whole serving of fruit.  Apparently bananas are just as delicious frozen as not, and have a wonderfully ice-cream like consistency.  Who new?  It’s almost too simple, after various other ice-cream making escapades.  I may become an addict, which might be a problem, because even at times when I’m not baking, my family goes through an absurd quantity of bananas every week (we actually have to make mid-week banana buying runs, because our kitchen wouldn’t be our kitchen without bananas).

So, some more complex recipes will come once I get my freedom back.