I’ve been wanting to get to this post for awhile, ever since I finished interviewing a raw food cookbook author/instructor Rose Vasile from BC for our University paper.  I’ve been intrigued by the concept of eating raw foods for awhile now, and since I can really explore whatever food concepts I find interesting for my articles, I decided to delve into it.  What kind of spurred my interest was the realization that there are certain foods that I can digest when I eat them raw or lightly heated, but that sometimes start battles in my stomach if I eat them cooked.

The interview went awesome, and Rose even sent me a copy of her cookbook …which is absolutely awesome.  I’ve become addicted to these lemon poppy seed energy ball things…sooo delicious,  treat-like (without being too sweet), and filling.


For the article, Rose let me borrow a green smoothie recipe from her website, which you can check out for yourself (along with other info on what a vegan raw food diet looks like).   I should also note that I’m addicted to these too, and drink some variation of this every morning.  I’m one of those people whose stomachs don’t always agree with them in the morning (although I’m never a breakfast-skipper), but this is so easy to digest that I actually feel really good after eating it.  Also, the energy it gives me for the morning is just crazy.

For the time being, I’m still eating cooked foods, but far less of them.  I think that whether I become a raw foodist or not, I should still be increasing my raw food intake.

My other point of interest for today is the rewards of living a more conscious lifestyle.  Most vegans seem to gravitate towards being overall healthier people, as though by sparing lives, we are gaining life ourselves.  You will, of course, find the odd junk food vegan, however even those people often change their eating habits over time, gravitating towards the ever-healthy fruits and veggies.  It feels like I’ve been given some sort of unexpected reward for my choices, and I’m very thankful for it.