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web blog award

web blog award

Shiny, huh?  Thanks, Sinead (from Kitchen Dancing, who somehow knew that I was secretly a pirate) for the blog award.  Actually, I found it really neat to start following links to other blogs, because I haven’t been blogging that long, and I’m still looking for good stuff to follow.  Now, to pass on the goodness.  Like I mentioned, I don’t have a ton of blogs I follow (some of which are already awarded, others wich consist entirely of photos, not text, and may not wish to post about an award), but here’s some of my favourites.

First, I’d like to share with What the Hell Does a Vegan Eat Anyway?  While recipes aren’t always included, the gorgeous pictures just make me happy, and inspire new ideas.  Oh, and I like the whole “Raw Food Wednesday” thing.

Next, I’d like to nominate Vegan Yum Yum … I think this nomination has a lot to do with being greatly amused and inspired by the Hasparat recipe (a Star Trek food, which makes me want to invent recipes from stories too, although I’m not personally a Star Trek person).

Jumping away from the veg stuff for a moment, I’d also like to nominate Sarah Wynne Lifewrit’s blog, which I stumbled upon through my Computers course for Arts Education.  This young blogger deserves recognition for taking hold of her online identity.  Oh, and she’s an awesome photographer- check out her Flickr stuff, and leave a good hour for browsing.

While I don’t think this person would really want to participate in this blog award thingy, I’d like to give honourable mention to Curiously Incongruous, my favourite photo blog.  (Hey, if CI wants to participate, go right ahead).  There’s something about this photographer’s use of shapes; I love it.  And who could ask for more than pics of urban decay in London?

Now, for some food…

Garden Raid 

Kekaisu watered my herbs while I was gone, so they wanted to say thank-you in return.  How do herbs say thank you?  They turn into pesto!  Aren’t they gorgeous here?  I used this recipe at Vegetarian to get the correct proportions, subbing out the parmesean for more pine nuts, and using whatever herbs I had.  Above you’ll see the lemon thyme, the oregano, the parsley (only about half of that went in the pesto), and the basil.  I have a habit of using my oregano more sparingly than the other herbs because I have a soft spot for that plant (it regrew from the plant I had last year, and then was transferred when I moved houses).  Et, voila!  It turned out very nice, and a much prettier shade of green than store-bought pesto.

Tomorrow, I’ll have to post my California Alfredo, which I’ve finally perfected, but haven’t had the time to write about it (too busy eating it).  Sorry for being kinda back-logged again in my blogging, and thanks once more, Sinead, for the award.


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