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Since that title seemed to get everyone’s attention in one of my first ever blog posts…

Now, for another addition to my attempts at blogging for VeganMoFo III
A brief post for today.  I was rummaging through a garage sale looking for something to turn into a sculpture for art class, when I came across a simplified ice cream maker that uses a pre-frozen tub to chill the ice cream.  Glee!  Took it for its first run on Sunday, and created this.


I think I overfilled it a little bit, because it was freezing somewhat slowly, yet when I started scooping it out, the remainder froze really fast.  The whole process from mixing ingredients to eating ice cream took just over half an hour, and that was with my miscalculations.  I’m excited to try again!

This particular ice cream was made from coconut milk, blended frozen blueberries, fine turbinado sugar, Cocoa Camino cocoa powder, almond slivers, unsweetened shredded coconut,  and almond extract.  Yeah, we went a little crazy.  It was actually delicious, although a little too almond-y.  Less almond extract next time.

On top, you may notice some sprinkles.  Vegan sprinkles!  In one of the issues of Vegetarian Times recently, there was an article on vegan donuts, where they called for vegan sprinkles in a recipe.  I scoffed at this, thinking, “Sure, I bet in some big city you can find vegan sprinkles, but what about those of us living in small cities?  I’ll never come across those, and that is so not a realistic ingredient to call for in a recipe!”  Yet, when I was perusing a health food store that I don’t go to that often, guess what I found!

Ice cream with sprinkles.  I feel like I’m seven.  Oh, and in keeping with the seven-year old theme, here’s a pic I took today whose colours delight me.

Blue Violet to Be


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