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I’m thinking of compiling a cookbook, because it seems like a fun thing to do.  It might possibly end up here so that people can download it for free; I don’t think I’m in this project to make any money, so much as to create a crazy compliation of recipies and pretty pictures.  Actually, half the pictures will likely have nothing to do with food, and just be photos that amused me and seemed to loosley fit for strange reasons.

However, the reason I’m posting about this is that I don’t think I want the chapters in this cookbook to be consistent with all the others on the market.  You know, where they are traditionally divided into categories like soup, starters, entrées, salads, breads, and desserts. While this is helpful, it’s been done already… a lot.  No, I think I want to find some more interesting way of sorting recipes.  Categories I have in mind so far include Accidental Recipes, Things with Avocados, Thins that Taste Way Better than they Look, the Colour Orange, and Things That can be Made in Fifteen Minutes Flat.  What I want to know is if anyone has some more chapter ideas.

I will have to keep this post brief, as the cat asleep on my one hand is making typing incredibly slow.


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