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Experimenting time!  As mentioned previously, I’ve been doing some reading on raw foods.  I had read about eating raw potatoes, and mentioned it to a friend, who immediately wanted to know more.  Yet the book I read didn’t have any actual recipes for raw potato in it.  So, I made up my own.  Can’t say it’s my favourite thing to eat, but it’s not terrible.  Needs some work still.  That and the graininess of raw potato kinda irks me.  Still, I’ll share my recipe, and if anyone knows how to make a better raw potato recipe, please do speak up!  (Oh, and I’ve got plenty of raw sweet potato recipes, so don’t worry about that one.)


Some Sorta Potato Slaw

1 potato, grated
a few cherry/berry tomatoes or a whole tomato, sliced
a large handful fresh parsley, chopped up
half an avocado, mashed
lemon juice (about 1/4 a lemon)
small drizzle olive oil
a little sea salt and pepper

Just mix everything together.  Not much more to it than that.


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