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I am aware that I’ve been rather slow on the posts lately, what with being too busy to spend much time on the computer.  Now, on top of being rather slow, I’m going to be internet-less for a week.  Thought I’d let everybody know that there will be more posts coming (I haven’t orphaned this little blog), I’m just away for awhile.

Things to look forward to when I come back: veganizations of recipes from the Les Halles cookbook for Hezbollah Tofu (so far, I think I’ve got an idea for Soupe Moins De Poisson), how the whole vegan travel eats went (I’m newly vegan, and this is my first vegan trip . . . not that scared, made stuff beforehand), a refined version of a recipe I’m calling California Alfredo, an explanation as to the definition of “Holy-Muffins-Batman Muffins”, attempting to create a vegan custard dish using persimmons, and possibly some attempts at making gelatin/egg-less marshmallows, if I can find the time.  Also, I intend to make a page with a little info on how I came to choose veganism, which I will keep separate from the main blog, so that those who don’t want to delve into my personal views don’t have to.  Yet I feel the need to post some explanation, as I’ve kept a lot of people around me a little in the dark, and some people might be genuinely interested in some info on why I’ve made this choice.  I also think that sharing about the whole process will be helpful to others looking towards veganism who are in need of a little encouragement, or advice, or just to know that others are meeting the same challenges as they are.

Bye for now!


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