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VeganMoFo III

Long time, no internet…I needed a break from updating and keeping track of too many different accounts for awhile.  However, I decided to start blogging again (likely with more pictures, less text, to keep things manageable) for VeganMoFo the III (Vegan Month of Food).  This will mean blogging every day, or almost every day, for the rest of the month.  So, sometimes it will be short cooking tips, or pictures of simple meals, and other days I will post some of the more complex recipe posts I’ve been putting off (like puris…).

Now, in honour of official World Vegetarian Day, I give you what I ate for supper-

Simple Sesame Greens, Zucchini and Beets

Greens on Soba


– zucchini, chopped into half rounds

– a small beet, also chopped into half rounds

– a minced  green onion

– a leaf or two of kale, chopped

– a couple teaspoons to a tablespoon of cooking oil

– sesame seeds, as many as you like

– a splash of sesame oil

– soba noodles (if you’re rich, go for the real ones, but if you’re poor, you can get ones that are partially buckwheat flour, partially wheat flour)

Frying Pan
Cook your soba noodles following the instructions on the package.  Chop your veggies, heat your cooking oil in a frying pan, and sauté the beet, zucchini and onion for a minute or two.  Add your kale, sesame seeds, and a little sesame oil, and cook until the kale just begins to wilt.  Don’t over-cook.  Eat the veg over the soba noodles.



Sometimes, I just start throwing together foods that  I’m craving, and see where they take me.  If I’m lucky, it turns into something delicious.  If I’m not…well, then I just try to eat quickly.

However, these two dishes were successful ones.

Bowl O’ Things

This one was mostly leftovers in my fridge, and makes a very quick lunch.  It was mostly created because I was craving the mango salsa and the peas, but didn’t know how they could go together.  It may sound like a stretch, but trust me, this one’s tasty!  Sorry, no pic today.

– rice noodles

– sugar snap peas

– a falafel, crumbled

– mango salsa

Layer in a bowl in that order, warming up the falafel first.

Pot O’ Stuff

Pot o Stuff

– 3 ish green onions

– a clove of garlic

– mushrooms (a few handfuls or however many mushrooms you have leftover in your fridge)

– 2-3 leaves of kale

– a small can of tomato paste

– a dollop of molasses

– Rosemary

– a lemon, sliced

– chick peas, a can, or a couple of cups

– black olive slices, however many you like

Cook the onions and garlic in a pot with a little water.  Add the mushrooms and cook a little longer.  Add the kale, cook some more (I prefer my kale to still have some crispiness to it, so I don’t cook it long, only a minute or two).  Add the tomato paste, molasses, rosemary, and lemon slices, as well as a little more water if you need to thin the sauce a bit.  Stir, and once heated, add the  chickpeas and olives.  Once those too are heated through, serve.  I served it on rice noodles, but if I had actually been planning ahead, I would have chosen brown rice for this, I think.  The rice noodles were just convenient.

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