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Three gardens.  One salad.  Devoured by many.  This is a sneak peak of one of the recipes that will likely be in my cookbook, with more exact measurements and instructions attached.

The potatoes are from the organic community agriculture project that I’ve become a part of (aka, we finally have veg baskets in Saskatchewan like the ones everyone else is bragging about!), the spinach, radishes and green onions were from my friend’s garden that I’m helping tend in return for produce, and the herbs were my doing!

Potato Salad

Now, let’s see if I can remember the ingredients…

– potatoes, cut into smallish cubes and boiled, skins on

– a large handful of fresh spinach

– some green onions, chopped

– a few garden radishes, thinly sliced

– chopped fresh dill and chives

Toss together, then add a dressing made of

– a little extra virgin olive oil

– a good splash of chive flower vinegar (where you’ve soaked chive flowers with vinegar, turning the vinegar pink and flavouring it, a trick I took from Where It All Vegan, I think).  Or, I bet cider vinegar would work well too

– a little dry mustard

– freshly ground salt and pepper

I think that was everything.  I’ll add an update if I remember any forgotten ingredients.


Experimenting time!  As mentioned previously, I’ve been doing some reading on raw foods.  I had read about eating raw potatoes, and mentioned it to a friend, who immediately wanted to know more.  Yet the book I read didn’t have any actual recipes for raw potato in it.  So, I made up my own.  Can’t say it’s my favourite thing to eat, but it’s not terrible.  Needs some work still.  That and the graininess of raw potato kinda irks me.  Still, I’ll share my recipe, and if anyone knows how to make a better raw potato recipe, please do speak up!  (Oh, and I’ve got plenty of raw sweet potato recipes, so don’t worry about that one.)


Some Sorta Potato Slaw

1 potato, grated
a few cherry/berry tomatoes or a whole tomato, sliced
a large handful fresh parsley, chopped up
half an avocado, mashed
lemon juice (about 1/4 a lemon)
small drizzle olive oil
a little sea salt and pepper

Just mix everything together.  Not much more to it than that.

Sorry for the neglect, oh internet world!  I’ve still been writing tons o’ vegan recipes, but I’ve been writing them mostly for our university’s newspaper, and the forgetting to take colour photos and share them here too.  That, and sometimes the real world is just too distracting.  Lots o’ pretty colours.

The last recipe I made up for an article was a pretty cool chocolate dessert biscuit recipe focusing on fair-trade ingredients.  It may end up here eventually.  It’s awesome because it’s not an overly sweet recipe, but delightfully cakey in texture.

However, on to what I really want to write about.  This simple variation on fresh rolls is just too yummy to pass up posting.  I kinda was thinking of the flavours in the Curry Sunrise rice bowl at 13th Ave Coffeehouse, when it occurred to me that this would transfer wonderfully to a salad roll.  And it does. If you’re feeling more traditional, you can check outmy past fresh roll recipe, which was also written after forgetting that I had a blog for awhile.  I’m also thinking  might need to tackle dessert fresh rolls again someday.  I tried a Vegetarian Times one once (ps-needs veganizing, but not hard), but the sauce that the recipe used was disgustingly sweet, and I don’t know if I was too thrilled at how they treated the jasmine risotto in it (I’ve done better adding savoury flavours and mushroosm and making a supper dish out of jasmine tea risotto).

Curry Rolls

Salad Rolls and Simple Coconut Curry Sauce

for the rolls:

– lettuce

– tomato slices

– cucumber strips

– avocado strips

– if you have some, a little cooked tofu

– sprouts

– rice paper wrappers

Just prep your veggies, shred the lettuce, boil some water so that you can soak each rice paper for about 30 seconds, place veg on wrapper and roll very carefully like a burrito.  I like to make two or three large ones for myself, but you can also get small rice paper wrappers that require you to make more.

for the sauce:

– coconut milk

– curry powder

– a little lemon juice or lime juice

Blend all those together.  Too simple, yet it hits two of my biggest craving foods lately, coconut and curry.

Sinead had an awesome rant on salads going, which echoed many of my sentiments on these often misunderstood meals, and therefore has compelled me to share a few of the simple salad combinations I’ve been eating this past week.  They’ve just been making use of what happened to be in my refrigerator, and since I didn’t intend to post these, I have no pics for you (might possibly add one later).  Please do experiment with salads people, you never know what wonderfulness will result.

Sweet Carrot Salad

Chop up a pear into bite sized pieces.  Add a fair sized grated carrot.  Add some unsweetened coconut, and a handful of chopped unsalted almonds.  Wash a fistful of sprouts (I like radish ones best, and I don’t know why), and add those.  Throw together with a little lemon juice.  Glee.

This has been multiple lunches this week.

Tomato Thyme Salad

Make sure the bulk of this salad is tomatoes (so make sure you have good tomatoes before making this).  Add some lettuce of some sort, some avocado (about a quarter of one), and pine nuts.  Sprinkle with lemon juice, then drizzle a very little bit of olive oil.  Add some thyme (I used lemon thyme I dried from my garden this summer), and mix.  This is a great one to make the day before for you lunch, because the thyme comes through better.

This one’s gonna be my lunch tomorrow, so I may get a pic tonight.

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