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So, for my latest Carillon article, I was inspired to create a smoothie recipe. This kinda felt off to me, as smoothies, in my opinion, are usually just thrown together with whatever I find in the house. I never measure anything in them. However, I know that readers don’t always cook in that manner, so measurements are necessary. Anywhoo, this one’s a pretty awesome smoothie, and since I’ve seen some new vegans around on-line asking about how to get flax into their diets, I thought this would be a good recipe to share.

Smoothie and Crystal

Raspberry Mango Whole Food Smoothie

Heaping ½ cup frozen organic mango cubes

1/3 cup frozen organic raspberries

½ cup light coconut milk

½ cup orange juice

1-2 tbsp freshly ground flax seeds

Blend together all of the following in a tall glass with an immersion blender, or using a regular blender.  Make sure flax seeds are freshly ground, as the oils they contain break down quickly.

For the paper next week, I’m gonna interview the soup guy at our University.  Except, I really wish I didn’t have to learn his actual name; I like knowing people by the names that I give them.  The soup guy is so awesome, as he’s an overall nice guy, his soups don’t just come from a mix or concentrate, he likes to use organic ingredients, and there are vegan options at his little stand- even if the veggie soup of the day weren’t vegan, I could always eat one of his wraps.  He said I could interview him, and we could sit and chat about food philosophy, which is going to be awesome.


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