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Sometimes, I just start throwing together foods that  I’m craving, and see where they take me.  If I’m lucky, it turns into something delicious.  If I’m not…well, then I just try to eat quickly.

However, these two dishes were successful ones.

Bowl O’ Things

This one was mostly leftovers in my fridge, and makes a very quick lunch.  It was mostly created because I was craving the mango salsa and the peas, but didn’t know how they could go together.  It may sound like a stretch, but trust me, this one’s tasty!  Sorry, no pic today.

– rice noodles

– sugar snap peas

– a falafel, crumbled

– mango salsa

Layer in a bowl in that order, warming up the falafel first.

Pot O’ Stuff

Pot o Stuff

– 3 ish green onions

– a clove of garlic

– mushrooms (a few handfuls or however many mushrooms you have leftover in your fridge)

– 2-3 leaves of kale

– a small can of tomato paste

– a dollop of molasses

– Rosemary

– a lemon, sliced

– chick peas, a can, or a couple of cups

– black olive slices, however many you like

Cook the onions and garlic in a pot with a little water.  Add the mushrooms and cook a little longer.  Add the kale, cook some more (I prefer my kale to still have some crispiness to it, so I don’t cook it long, only a minute or two).  Add the tomato paste, molasses, rosemary, and lemon slices, as well as a little more water if you need to thin the sauce a bit.  Stir, and once heated, add the  chickpeas and olives.  Once those too are heated through, serve.  I served it on rice noodles, but if I had actually been planning ahead, I would have chosen brown rice for this, I think.  The rice noodles were just convenient.


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