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Supper Outdoors

I am aware that this dish isn’t representative of the excessive amounts of fruit and veg that I usually eat, but it’s so comforting, simple, fast, and pretty.  I know that I’ve read about fresh pesto elsewhere (I don’t recall where), but this recipe was created off the top of my head, and is somewhat more minimalistic than true pesto.  I love the simplicity of the flavour (and the way eating vegan allows you to actually notice all the flavours in this dish.  Seriously, do you know how much more sensitive my sense of taste is now?).

However, you can’t simply cook and eat this one.  Here’s a little experience for you.  I’m aware that some of these instructions might be a little vague, but that’s half the fun of it.

1.) Go out into your herb garden (what you don’t have a herb garden?  For shame.  Then go to the grocery store), and pick an overflowing handful of fresh herbs that will compliment each other.  I think that I used garlic chives, lemon thyme, and parsley this particular day.  Wash the herbs and separate the leaves from the stems.

2.) Make some orzo pasta.  I made a cup, but didn’t use it all.  In fact, it became part of a very veg-filled pasta salad the next day.

3.) Cut up a few sun-dried tomatoes, and shred up the herbs.  In a little skillet, heat up a bit of olive oil, but not so much that you ruin the oil.  You’re just warming it, not frying with it.  Throw in the herbs and tomatoes, heat for a little while to bring out the flavours.

4.) Put pasta in a pasta bowl.  Or a regular bowl if you aren’t cool enough to have a pasta bowl.  Or on a plate if you’re broke, and don’t have any bowls.  Pour your fresh herb and tomatoe mix on the center of the pasta.  Sprinkle with fresh ground pepper and a little bit of sea salt (if you’ve only got regular salt, don’t bother, it’s not worth it).  Garnish with a pretty sprig of something.  Stir before eating.

5.) Go sit with your food on your front step/ your porch/ your backyard/ your front yard/ the park/ your neighbour’s yard.  Enjoy the beautiful outdoors, and the jealous, hungry glares of passers-by.


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